Choosing the right marketing strategies is like finding shoes that fit. Each strategy has to compliment your general way of doing business, fit with your values, and ultimately get you where you want to go.

Bringing targeted strategy into your marketing can work wonders. It can make future decisions easier, provide guidance to you and your staff when they are communicating with clients, funders or other stakeholders, and will encourage professionalism and consistency with your messaging.

  • You can go the whole hog with a strategic marketing plan or get an assessment of how to position your organisation.
  • I’m happy to review all your marketing material (marketing collateral) and offer advice to tighten it up.
  • If you’re keen on improving your relationship with your stakeholders, I can advise on stakeholder management and engagement strategies.
  • I can help with branding and write an accessible style guide if you don’t have one.


Providing a whole lot of strategic and operational advice and then riding off into the sunset leaving you to file the report is not my style. I always aim to operate sustainably by up-skilling staff and providing individualised processes, templates or protocols.

I also write policies to ensure efficient use of branding and safe use of social media. If you want to hire a marketing person I can help with job descriptions as well as the application, interview and selection process.

If you are a WA based Non Profit organisation, I can help with applying for Lotterywest grants so you can fund your marketing and communications improvements and help your organisation grow.