Keeping your privacy intact

There was a great article recently in the Guardian Australia about privacy online and in particular the HUGE corporation that Mark Zuckerberg controls….Facebook, Whats App, Messenger and Instagram… which adds up to a whopping figure of 3.5 billion accounts.

We all hand over our data without really thinking about the consequences. I worked in WA ScamNet for a while and had quite the education on what happens when our social media profiles are hacked. Not only are we vulnerable to scammers ourselves, they often use bits and pieces of our ID to scam others. And you need to believe me when I say scammers are EXTREMELY good at what they do.

But scammers aside, we need to also protect our data from being used in a way that we are not comfortable with. What makes this article so good is that it has a list of 15 very practical security measure tips to keep you safer online.

You can read the full article here.