Authentic storytelling

I’ve just read a very interesting article by Naomi Simpson from RedBalloon, that is aimed at those concerned about how Artificial Intelligence will affect marketing and marketing roles.

The standout comment for me is from Or Shani, founder and CEO of an AI marketing platform called Albert. “In the past five to 10 years digital marketing has become too much about pushing buttons. That is not marketing. We’ve lost what it means to be a marketer – the brand, the creative, the strategy, the storytelling. Almost counter-intuitively, AI can help us rediscover the true human element of marketing,”

These comments really resonated with me. Everyday I speak to people obsessed with metrics, analytics and statistics. Of course we have to be able to track what marketing activities and strategies are working and why, and metrics help us do that.  But for me, the heart of marketing is communicating your story clearly and authentically.  Being able to understand another person’s story allows us to truely connect.

And in this world where fake news seems rife, authentic storytelling seems even more important.