When you are immersed in your work every single day, it is hard to see your organisation or your business objectively, let alone creatively. Sometimes it takes a fresh perspective to bring in some new and creative ideas about your messaging, your look or your marketing strategy.

I don’t really do gimmicks. But I do use creativity to solve problems, provide insight and give you a whole new approach.

All Not for Profits and small businesses have great stories to tell, but so many I deal with don’t recognise the power their stories have to help them connect with their stakeholders. Heart and Soul Consulting can assist you to identify those stories so they help you build your brand and enhance your reputation.

And never underestimate the value of the right image as a story-telling tool. I can help by taking some photographs as well as occasionally providing one of mine that works well for you. All photographs on this website were taken by me.

Let me be your story-teller.